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Little Miss Phoebe, Our Wonderful Border Collie I temporarily moved to Baltimore in July, 2017. My husband, dog, and three cats remained in Boston, given that I’m only here for a year. I missed my pets very much, and Doug … Continue reading

In February 2017, I had the privilege of finally meeting little Jim Fox (formerly Jim the Fox Terrier) after talking with Lisa (his foster mommy) about him and what I was looking for in a canine companion.  I would be … Continue reading

We adopted Precious (right) in 2014 after finding her on the ATTT website. She has transformed from a shy, bashful, scared dog into a playful, sassy young lady who loves to play with her toys, bark, and be in charge. … Continue reading

Lucy (aka Patty Cake) joined our family when she was four months old on a foster-to-adopt basis the end of March 2017, and we officially adopted her in May. She was surrendered to A Tale to Tail by a puppy mill … Continue reading

Hi, my name is Mallory and here is my story. I was adopted in  December, 2015.  Life is wonderful and I am having fun learning new things.  Like walking on a leash.   I am curious and want to go further … Continue reading

Hi, my name is Sevy which is short for Seven.  They tell me that I am a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix.  I was born on a puppy mill farm, and the owner was going to drown me and my siblings.  Luckily, … Continue reading

Poppy is my very first pet and I had waited so long for the right time to adopt. I can’t stop recommending A Tail to Tell because of how helpful and kind they have been to me since I was … Continue reading

Our precious Miss CiCi was rescued on August 8, 2016 from a “breeding facility” in Pennsylvania. Born sometime in 2011, our sweet girl had been breeding since she was a young pup. In fact, we were told she had just … Continue reading

In June of 2016 my wife and I said goodbye to our Best buddy Rocky.   After a few months or so we realized that our other Shiba-Inu, Lisa, was in need of a doggie friend.   My wife found the cutest … Continue reading

Prince was adopted in the Fall of 2016.  He is a complex senior dog.  He lived in a home where he was mistreated for quite some time.  Fortunately, A Tail to Tell stepped in and worked with Prince before he … Continue reading

For the entirety of our son’s life, we had Pepper.  We actually brought Pepper home five days before our son was born (we were supposed to have six weeks but he had other ideas!).  Pepper was a great dog who … Continue reading

I was looking for a walking buddy in the summer of 2016 since that is pretty much my only form of physical exercise and, at 14 years of age, my sweet Tinkie is slowing down. So I went online and … Continue reading

The Tail of Niah We adopted Niah in July 2016. An 8 year-old Havernese, Niah had been ill-used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill. In Fall 2015, she was rescued by A Tail to Tell, and then fostered … Continue reading

In April of 2014 we lost our most beloved rescue Shih Tzu, Niko.  We werecompletely heartbroken.  Two months later we realized that we were ready torescue again so we adopted another rescue, Paddington, followed by rescuingKemper 5 months later (another … Continue reading

“What’s a poxer?”  This was the first question I had when I saw a picture of this handsome young man on the ATTT website.   Even before I found out the answer, I saw something special in his chestnut brown eyes. … Continue reading

Our Patrick, a Bichon-Poodle mix, was adopted May 2016. Patrick is wonderful and very smart. He lovingly requests to go on a walk every evening. We taught him how to shake with each paw and how to walk across the … Continue reading

In June of 2016, our family made an excellent decision!! We adopted Crosby(formally know as Connor)!  Right from the very beginning, we felt a bondwith him.  He was a small, timid 1 year old puppy.  You could tell that hewanted … Continue reading

Our Bella (formerly Billie Jo) is such a joy. We welcomed her into our home in September 2015.   Bella is a snuggle bug, a loyal little fuzz-ball, the “Queen Bee” of our house, and our sweet little watch dog.  She … Continue reading

Habanero, aka Hobbie is our senior Chihuahua, who now is about 14 years old.     He was found in a trash dumpster in the fall of 2012 , was terrified, depressed, and had horrific skin issues.   As fate would have it, … Continue reading

Our Dearest Buddy -aka Stone~It was a typical hot, humid summer evening when my daughter asked me if wecould take our three rescue dogs to the Lancaster Buchanan Dog Park. I hadnever been to the dog park before and was … Continue reading

We adopted Swoosh (aka Kenny) back in October 2014.   As with a lot of rescues, Swoosh had his quirks…he didn’t like being picked up or cuddled for too long.  Swoosh had a little of a rough life before us. … Continue reading

Our Hero was rescued by A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue in the Fall of November 2014.  At the time he was rescued, he was about 16 year years old.  He is now a spry ol’ 19 years old. … Continue reading

We adopted our Lacy (Maureen O’Hara) in October 2015. When she was first welcomed to our family she had two siblings, Sasha (another ATTT rescue, adopted December 2011) and Mia. Mia quickly took Lacy under her wing. Sadly, ten days … Continue reading

Hi Everyone, My name is Yetti Hanna. I found my forever family on May 29, 2015 and they are wonderful, but I didn’t always have a nice life. I was locked in a cage for the first 7 years of … Continue reading

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