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We are in love with Opal, kindly referred to as Princess Snaggletooth, Opie and Ohps!  It feels like we have had her so much longer than 4 months! (Adopted December 2015.) Opal and Quinn get along great.  They are quite … Continue reading

Shilo spent 2.5 years in a puppy mill and was surrendered to ATTT because she could not produce puppies, thankfully for her. We adopted Shilo 5 months ago (11-28-15) and not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us … Continue reading

Mommy: 2015 was a very sad year for me. Both of my dogs passed within three months apart. Both were rescue dogs. I’m widowed and even though my kids and grandkids come, I understand what it means to be alone … Continue reading

My life story the first six years has been very uncertain – that is until now. I got the greatest 2015 Christmas present ever when a week before Santa’s annual visit, I met my forever family. I waited a whole … Continue reading

After suffering more than 7 years of extreme cruelty and neglect in a puppy mill, Lance was rescued by the amazing men and women at ATTT and found his forever family in us. When we first adopted him in the … Continue reading

Everything is great with Hans (formerly Abner-Jimmie).    He was adopted in the Fall of 2015.   Soon after I adopted Hans, I received notice that I had to move cross-country to Utah from New Jersey for my job!  Hans enjoyed the … Continue reading

Your rescue gave me my little love Artie.  He was adopted in August of 2015.    He is the sweetest little Yorkie that I have ever known and my last dog was a Yorkie as well.   Artie loves me … Continue reading

Since adopting Boots (formally Stevie) in October 2015, we haven’t smiled more.  He’s a constant source of love and entertainment in a small package.  When people stop us on the street and ask what kind of dog he is, we’re proud to say … Continue reading

After losing our 13 year old Lab, Max February 2015, I didn’t know if I would ever be ready to welcome another dog into our home.  After about 5 months, I started to look on Petfinder to see if any … Continue reading

In February 2015, we lost our first puppy mill rescue, our sweet dachshund, Lightning.  He was such a sweet and devoted boy that we were blessed with for six years.  My heart was broken.  I waited a few months to … Continue reading

I adopted Sloan (now Riley) on May 30, 2015 for company for my other dog due to the death of my Westie from old age. When his foster Mommy brought him over to meet us, she said “I will just … Continue reading

Porter and Peter Two years ago when our little Pomeranian passed away, we were broken hearted. He was 7 years old when we adopted him, and for the 7 years he was with us, he brought with him nothing but … Continue reading

The first time I saw Randy’s little face, I fell in LOVE. Randy is the sweetest little ball of fur I have ever known. He jumps up to my knees and hugs them and gives me kisses when I come … Continue reading

Jasper has done great in our home since we adopted him in the summer of 2015. He loves to be held and he loves playing with his toys. We love him so much, he was meant to be here with … Continue reading

I have attached the most recent picture of Emme and Paxton. Both dogs had spent the morning at the doggie spa getting their summer doo. This is Emme’s first cut since she came to live with us. Before the trim … Continue reading

I have had Lily for 4 years & knew she’d love a friend. When I started looking, I knew I wanted a rescue. When I found Chloe, or Clover as she was called then, and read her story, I fell … Continue reading

I love puppy mill dogs. There is something so special about them. They have damaged, broken souls that only love can heal. Once you break down that wall – they are your most loyal friend. I had a puppy mill … Continue reading

Last Nov. our beloved dog, Toby, finally succumbed to his heart condition. He had been diagnosed with a severe heart problem by a heart specialist 2 1/2 years earlier. The doctor said he could die at any time, probably within … Continue reading

When our beloved pet of 14 years Riley passed away last summer, we were all very sad. Not only was he a great dog, but he was also a wonderful, loyal friend. We were all upset. After a few months, … Continue reading

I met Shay at a grooming competition where shelter dogs are brought in to get a beauty makeover. She immediately bonded with me, and I with her. We ended up winning the competition which included a cruise and a cover … Continue reading

I will be forever grateful to A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue for matching me with 5 year old Petunia. It was instant love for both of us. We’re Talkin’ ‘Bout My Girl… Who snuggles so deep in the … Continue reading

We had just lost our dog Mya in May 2014 and we were all very sad. She was 15 years old. Our house was very quiet without a dog, so I started searching on the internet; wow so many dogs … Continue reading

Rue has been a wonderful addition to our family since we adopted her in November 2014 from A Tail to Tell. We met her at Woofstock in Harrisburg and fell in love with her sweet demeanor immediately. Rue has made … Continue reading

We received the following up date from Frankie’s family and it brought us all to tears! I have had an adopted Husky mix named Ziah for 10 years. She was originally found just a matter of days old with her … Continue reading

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