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When our beloved pet of 14 years Riley passed away last summer, we were all very sad. Not only was he a great dog, but he was also a wonderful, loyal friend. We were all upset. After a few months, … Continue reading

I met Shay at a grooming competition where shelter dogs are brought in to get a beauty makeover. She immediately bonded with me, and I with her. We ended up winning the competition which included a cruise and a cover … Continue reading

I will be forever grateful to A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue for matching me with 5 year old Petunia. It was instant love for both of us. We’re Talkin’ ‘Bout My Girl… Who snuggles so deep in the … Continue reading

We had just lost our dog Mya in May 2014 and we were all very sad. She was 15 years old. Our house was very quiet without a dog, so I started searching on the internet; wow so many dogs … Continue reading

Rue has been a wonderful addition to our family since we adopted her in November 2014 from A Tail to Tell. We met her at Woofstock in Harrisburg and fell in love with her sweet demeanor immediately. Rue has made … Continue reading

We received the following up date from Frankie’s family and it brought us all to tears! I have had an adopted Husky mix named Ziah for 10 years. She was originally found just a matter of days old with her … Continue reading

Maeve has been a wonderful addition to our home! After the initial adjustment of being in a new place, she warmed up to us very quickly, and now loves to cuddle and play. Though only 1/3 the size and weight … Continue reading

Thank you A Tail to Tell for rescuing our recently adopted furry baby Candy Cane. Candy, for short, is a senior pet. My husband and I love senior pets. Our poodle Moppy lived to be 19 years old and we are carrying … Continue reading

Pippa came to us when we needed her most. We had recently lost our 13 year old Irish Setter, Patrick, and we were still grieving.
She decided on the first night that she would sleep right in between us and that’s where she has stayed. Continue reading

We became acquainted with A Tail to Tell three years ago through our groomer. We had lost one of our beloved dogs to old age, and our other dog had become depressed. I shared this with our groomer at our … Continue reading

Lola is a very cute dog with lots of puppy energy in her, and is well-behaved always. She loves us, loves her furry friends, and we are thrilled she is part of our family. We are forever grateful for A Tail to Tell for rescuing our Lola!
Continue reading

My story begins with my Fonzie-Bear my Pomeranian — not only did we rescue him; he also rescued us. Continue reading

Every step of the adoption process was with intent and purpose. A Tail to Tell made an informed decision, based on the dog’s needs, and the forever parent’s abilities. Continue reading

Cricket is truly the best decision I ever made. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her pictures on A Tail To Tell’s website and my love continues to grow every day. She is a momma’s girl for sure, snuggling up with me on the couch and in bed. She is so much fun to play with and can always put a smile on my face. Continue reading

We lost our Maltese, Lucky in March 2013, and knew we had to get another Maltese right away to help us mend our broken hearts. By adopting a rescue dog, we realized that we all rescued each other. Continue reading

Our beloved Rex is a delightful spirited Chihuahua who was once a breeder dog in Lebanon County. Rex was turned over to the Humane League as part of thes state’s Safe Harbor Program. This program was formed to save dogs that might otherwise be destroyed as breeders downsized or closed in response to tougher state kennel regulations. A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue welcomed him with loving arms in the summer of 2011. Continue reading

Nikki was rescued from a rabbit hutch on 12/16/06. She spent the first 5 years of her life living in confined quarters; living outdoors in the elements. The only time Nikki was taken from the hutch was when she was forced to mate with another dog or nurse. The first moment we saw her, we knew she was going to join our pack. Continue reading

Milton’s real journey began, not on the day he was born into a mill and was kept nearly 7 years , but on a freezing- cold day in January 2011. Milt was surrendered to a rescue and for the first time in his life, he was provided with medical care. It was here that he had his first dental surgery, as well. Unfortunately, after his surgery, Milt displayed psychological issues – due to years of isolation and neglect. He took out his frustrations on people and other dogs. The original rescue group could not care for him, and asked another rescue group to help. This second rescue group became frustrated with his aggression and they also gave up on him. That is when A Tail to Tell stepped up the plate, and Milt’s life changed dramatically in the spring of 2011. Continue reading

Milton arrived very scared of us, and everything in general. He wouldn’t let us approach him, and you could tell by how scared he was of our hands reaching out to him that human contact traumatized him in the past.
After many hours sitting on the floor of the kitchen (the only place he seemed to feel safe), he finally let me touch him. Within 2 weeks I was able to pet him, pick him up, and take him on walks. He now loves to be held, plays with our other dog Beau in the yard, and cuddles with us on the sofa. A few “accidents” happened the first few nights but he’s now housebroken. Continue reading

Sweet-petite adorable “Jennie”, a precious Chihuahua, came to A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue in the spring of 2012. This beautiful, elderly and frail dog was found in a park in York, PA. Subjected to extreme neglect, little Jennie was skinny, filthy, hungry, cowering and unable to walk. Her six remaining teeth were held in place only by fossilized hair and tartar, her lower jaw completely eroded. Jennie is unable to chew, and eats by licking all her food that is blended special for her. Continue reading

Before Dante came into my life, I had my beautiful Dalmation-pit mix, Katie. Katie had kidney disease and I knew our precious days together were limited. I knew in my heart, the best way to help and honor Katie was to find another dog that needed a home and to keep her company. Continue reading

Gracie’s background is known – she’s definitely a Shih Tzu/Llasa Apso mix. Pregnant and part of a backyard breeder’s flock, she was rescued and gave birth to seven puppies in a Philadelphia shelter. Unfortunately, this adorable girl and her puppies were soon put on Death Row, but were rescued in the nick of time by ATTT. Continue reading

We started out with good fostering intentions, simply nursing our little Aflie back to health and then finding him a loving home. He came to us with soft bones (from malnutrition). an injured jaw and lots of insecurities. He also had been quite neglected – as he lived alone outdoors in a filthy pen with minimal care. We believe he was a breeding dog. Continue reading

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