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Jackie’s Jibberings

Jean Jones – Founder of Puppy mill rescue (PMR) a national puppy mill rescue group. Based in Florida with volunteers throughout the United States. How do you thank your hero? Jean Jones taught me everything I know about rescue. … Continue reading

Check out our very own Kate DePasquale giving an interview on TV 27 on Puppy Mills.  Yankee Doodle even makes an appearance. abc27 WHTM

Find listing of Animal Rescue Group/Shelter Pages on Facebook

Partnering to Help Fight Animal Cruelty – The Humane League of Lancaster County and the PSPCA

The Pennsylvania Office of Dog Law Enforcement is responsible for inspecting commercial kennels in Pennsylvania, and for making sure kennel operators’ facilities and operations meet the state regulations for commercial kennels. These inspection reports can be viewed on the state’s … Continue reading

Puppy Mill Red Flags – Don’t Be an Accidental Supporter

NY Times Reports on Legislative efforts to make taping animal cruelty on farms illegal (Also being considered in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives)   Federal Legislation to update the Animal Welfare Act -to close online/Internet sales loophole: Read to see … Continue reading

Men charged with killing 9 dogs This is a picture of a Red Heeler puppy.  This is the type of dog they destroyed More Stories Involving Puppy Mills and Cruelty Sign The Petition To Close Puppy Mills

Cookbook Helps Rescue Group

Dog Treats Killing Dogs More Dog food Problems

The AKC story – Click this link if you want to know the real truth. AKC-registered breeders raising dogs in ‘miserable’ conditions The AKC’s response to the Today Show story – Is it semantics or is there some truth on … Continue reading

Finally, someone in PA’s state government has documented the poor performance of the Dog Law Enforcement Office over the past several years.  The Audit helps explain why conditions in puppy mills did not improve after the passage and ‘implementation’ of … Continue reading

Update February 2, 2015:  It is with great sadness that Libby went to the bridge last night. Her lungs were filled with fluid and the vets at the emergency hospital suspected she had cancer from breasts to lungs. She was … Continue reading

Jackie one of our dogs rescued from a puppy mill in 2011, wants to keep you updated on various happenings in the dog world, here in Pennsylvania and across the country. You will not see Jackie in our list of … Continue reading

Build-A Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation has given ATTT a grant tp help my future siblings. A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue is pleased to announce that The Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation has recognized the work the rescue … Continue reading

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