Freeing the dogs from the horrors of puppy mills...
Giving them a chance to tell their tales...


Branny G has been with us since 2012. She was not our first rescue so we knew what to expect. The biggest thing I’ve learned from adopting pets, is time. Some take in the situation a little more slowly, others … Continue reading

Wolfie Jack-my best buddy ! He has grown to be 6 whole pounds, and as you can see, lots of hair! He’s a real character, full of fun and mischief- he LOVES to chew on my elbow or chin with … Continue reading

Walter brings us so much joy every day. It breaks my heart to know what he endured for years during his time at the mill. It has been so rewarding for us to help him overcome his fears and enjoy … Continue reading

We rescued Doodlebug about a year ago and we couldn’t be happier! He brings us so much joy every day! We have to thank you and your rescue group for bringing him into our life. We had lost our dog … Continue reading

It took some time for her to trust hands and laps, but she is now a loving, happy little lady and a very important part of our family. Believe it or not, she has inspired us to persevere through tough … Continue reading

My husband really wanted a second Corgi after our oldest Corgi Chester passed away following a battle with cancer. We adopted little Brenin (Welsh for King and boy, does he think he is). Brenin was one of the six Corgi … Continue reading

My family rescued Bino this past June. He is our third rescue and third Chihuahua. Rescuing a dog is the greatest way to give back and also to get something so special. Bino is such a sweet and obviously adorable … Continue reading

Last Sunday 11/17 was my year anniversary with Mugsy – can you believe it already! I love him to death and he is such a good boy. Yes, he has his quirks, but he is so smart and such a … Continue reading

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