Hi! My Name Is Bruce

We're happy to tell you that Bruce has a new furever home.
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When I lost my dog Penny in December 2017, I never thought that I would get another small dog. She was more than a dog to me, she was my puppy child, and my heart was completely broken. I knew that when I was ready, my new fur baby would have to be different.  It certainly did turn out that way- now, I have Bruce and Coco, a tiny and even tinier power duo that have filled my heart with so much joy. I like to tell people that it took the two of them to fill the Penny sized hole in my heart.   They came into my life in April 2018.

I’ve always been drawn to older dogs- they fit my lifestyle and my personality. With these two, they are not only the best of buds but completely opposite of each other in every way. You can easily tell they’ve lived together their whole lives. Coco, small in stature but big in personality, is in constant motion. She tells me what she likes and dislikes, and is my ever protector and sidekick. Brucie, on the other hand, is chill. His favorite activities include napping, napping…..and more napping. He mostly prefers if he is napping next to me but will settle for napping on a couch or a bed. Brucie came to me with some major mouth trouble. A hole in his gums, major dental work, and a half dozen rotten teeth pulled, he is now a new man with the same underbite!

Coco and Bruce not only run the roost at our house, but funnily enough now at my office. Each week, they join me for a day or two of work where they prance around, offer comfort, and Coco keeps the Fed-Ex man at bay. We can’t even think about having a meeting without them. They have brought love and light to my co-workers, even on the darkest days.

I’m so thankful to A Tail to Tell and their great foster parents, and their previous owner(s)  who shared their love with them. Its easy to see that they have been loved and made a part of a home before, as quickly as they settled into mine. Now, they will live out their golden years with as much love and pampering as they can handle….and yes, for Bruce, many, many naps.

The McCullough Family