Hi! My Name Is Cici

Our precious Miss CiCi was rescued on August 8, 2016 from a “breeding facility” in Pennsylvania. Born sometime in 2011, our sweet girl had been breeding since she was a young pup. In fact, we were told she had just been weaned from her babies only days earlier.

We know her pups were beautiful, as a year earlier A Tail to Tell was given one of her pups, Jury. Jury had a deformed hip/leg (which was later corrected by Dr. Chris, who was also Miss CiCi’s surgeon). Jury’s mommy says Jury has the same facial expressions.

We met Miss CiCi the day she was surrendered, coming to us with a severely infected right eye that was damaged beyond repair. Sadly, our little girl was forced to endure unbelievable pain for a very long period.

The very next day she was taken to our gifted surgeon. She had her eye inoculated, her rotted teeth pulled, spayed, had blood work and received all her important shots. She also had parasitic issues that had to be treated. The surgeon told us that recovery from her eye surgery would be less painful than what Miss CiCi had been living with for so long.

We had the privilege of fostering our little sweetie until she recovered from her operation. She joined our household on August 13th. Lucky for us, she NEVER left our home. Our doggy pack and our kitty welcomed her with “open paws.”

Miss CiCi is now a full-fledged member of our family. She loves just about everyone, and has been certified as a therapy dog. While she loves morning walks, playing with toys and playing fetch, she also loves giving us lot of hugs and kisses. She is sitting on my lap as I write this. She has adjusted amazingly well in our home. She does get scared and hunkers down when she hears very loud noises. She does not like confinement either, which is just fine with us. We just let her hang out wherever she is comfortable when
we are not home.

My husband Steve and I are deeply appreciative to the wonderful people that were a part of her journey including our compassionate and loving founder, our huge-hearted transporters “T&V”, and her gifted surgeon.

Thank you A Tail to Tell.

Dena and Steve