Hi! My Name Is Dart

We're happy to tell you that Dart has a new furever home.
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My husband and I had met Dart, while we took one of our dogs to our groomer and friend who was fostering him for A Tail to Tell. She brought him out to meet us and he came wagging his tail and seemed like such a happy little boy. From that day, we could not stop thinking about him. He seemed like he should be ours. We learned of an upcoming home visit, so the thought of him becoming ours was not promising at all. On a weekend trip, I was scrolling through social media and saw a picture of Dart. I quickly texted our friend to ask why he was still at her house. She said the home visit fell through and he was still with her. In Maryland, we were so excited that this guy is now a possibility of being ours! I filled out the online application while we were there. Things moved quickly and he was delivered to us the following weekend...right before Christmas! We enjoyed him for a week and the following Saturday, December 23rd we made it our official "Gotcha Day!" Dart lives with his Dad and I and his two fursisters. We recently had a foster pup that lived with us for a month. He loved her so much and never passed up the opportunity to lay right up against her. He loves everyone and everything he comes in contact with. We have enjoyed his many quirks and crazy personality. He is a total Momma's boy and I just LOVE that! In fact, he is annoyed at the moment that I have my laptop on my lap and not him! Dart has been a huge blessing to our home and we felt from the day we met him, that he was meant to be ours...even though we were not seeking an addition! A Tail To Tell has changed our lives. Not only have they gifted us with the ultimate gift, but they have taught us SO much about rescuing and puppy mills. We have grown to love this organization so much. I can honestly say I never would have thought about fostering a dog before we met this group. Any chance I get, we tell them Dart's Tail To Tell. With Gratitude, Mike, Jamie, Marli, Graci and Dart Straub