Hi! My Name Is Hero

We're happy to tell you that Hero has a new furever home.
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Our Hero was rescued by A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue in the Fall of November 2014.  At the time he was rescued, he was about 16 year years old.  He is now a spry ol’ 19 years old.

He was taken to a shelter by his owner who asked the folks in the front office if they would euthanize his dog due to a myriad of medical issues, which included his back legs being atrophied and his front legs were very, very  weak, poor muscle mass, serious inner ear infections, a jaw that had rotted away and he had (and still has) a hole in the roof of his mouth most likely from untreated abscesses along with four very bad teeth, he was also malnourished, had difficulty with breathing and swallowing due to trachea concerns, as well as emotional and physical neglect.

We were told that Hero spent his days living under a bed and was taken out once a day to potty.  Due to his unconventional cramped living conditions, his ability to walk became very compromised.  After the request was made by his owner, the shelter reached out to A Tail to Tell and they agreed to take the him.  Our founder named him Hero.

We were told Hero would probably never really walk because of his severely atrophied legs.  Hero proved us wrong!   With effort, encouragement and physical therapy, this little fella not only walks out in our yard, but with his atrophied-turned in front paws, he actually runs.  We are not saying he will win any races; but if there was a special Olympics for physically challenged dogs, our Hero would be a winner.

Hero does not say “I can’t.” It’s “I can” and “I will.”  Hero inspires us and many others every single day.   He fills our heart and soul with joy and wonder.

We Love You So Much, “Little Man”.

Special hugs and thanks to first foster mommy, Cindy for believing in him and loving him so much!    Also special appreciation to Kate, one of our dedicated volunteers.  She picked Hero up from the shelter and he knew he was safe in her caring and loving arms. Thank you Kate.  Another shout-out to all the volunteers and veterinarians that worked with him in his first months with A Tail to Tell.  Furever grateful to everyone!

With sincere gratitude,

Dena and Steve