Hi! My Name Is Jane

We're happy to tell you that Jane has a new furever home.
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October 3, 2022 will always be a joyful day in our home.  We adopted a very special dog:   Jane Neff

A dedicated Tail to Tell volunteer helped free this beautiful gal from of a horrific puppy mill on this date October 3, 2018. 

She was rescued along with her little puppy, Kurt.  Jane was about 1 years old at the time, a mere baby herself and had already produced multiple puppies. She was a terrified young mommy dog.  I recall, the day after she was pulled, I met her.  I saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

With the love and compassion of Cindy and dedicated volunteers, Jane started to gain confidence and learned that not all people were evil.  She stayed with the rescue for over 2 years until a very wonderful lady inquired about her in 2020.

On June 6, 2020, she was adopted by a very beautiful woman named Mary.  Mary loved her unconditionally.  We were all fortunate enough to see Jane’s milestones and journey through Mary’s eyes.  Jane’s life mattered and her mommy celebrated her “many firsts” with all of us, including Jane’s birthday,  April 4th.  I was fortunate to get to know Jane’s mom through monthly follow-ups on Jane’s progress and I witnessed and learned how she was such an incredibly compassionate and loving woman.  

Jane lived with Mary and her daughter from June 2020 to December 2021.  Sadly, Jane’s mommy passed away December 2021.  

The world lost a dear woman, and once again, Cindy, took Jane under her wing in January 2022.   Along with Cindy’s grand-daughter, Kennedy, they nursed Jane back emotionally.   Jane lived contently and peacefully with Cindy for 8 months.   Stephen and I are so grateful for the love that Cindy and her grand-daughter showered upon Jane.

Fast forward, August 2022.

In August Cindy needed to dog-sit for her family.   After my husband spoke with me, we decided we would help Cindy for ONLY A WEEK and take Jane home with us!  Our kids have always been quite accepting of new friends.

It was the best decision that we ever made!!  

A week later, the “return date” we told Cindy we had good news and bad news.

The bad news was:    She’s not going back to Cindy.

The good news was:  She was staying with us, forever.

We are so incredibly delighted that Jane has joined our family and we look forward to showering her with lots of loving.  

She is smart.  She is agile.  She is excitable and playful.  She loves toys.  She is crazy about walks.  She loves wildlife.  (Luckily from afar at this point.)  She’s cautious.  She’s fiercely protective.  She likes to rumble with our dogs.

All of her wonderful traits are attributed to her time spent with her 3 other special strong ladies, Cindy, Mary and Miss Kennedy and we will always be forever filled with gratitude for A Tail to Tell for taking Jane out of her living hell and teaching her the world is ok.   

Jane still has fears, but she also has great happiness in her heart.   We know her last home instilled that in her soul.  

I/We love this rescue.  We love everyone involved and our precious Cindy is the consummate gatekeeper.    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank her and her entire village for making this adoption come true. 

With sincere joy and gratitude

Dena and Steve