Jim the Fox

Hi! My Name Is Jim the Fox

We're happy to tell you that Jim the Fox has a new furever home.
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In February 2017, I had the privilege of finally meeting little Jim Fox (formerly Jim the Fox Terrier) after talking with Lisa (his foster mommy) about him and what I was looking for in a canine companion.  I would be moving back to Spain and wanted to adopt a dog that could come with me and share in the adventure.  Jim’s profile said he loved riding in cars (which is very true) and I felt that he may be the perfect fit I was looking for.

February 8, 2017 Lisa brought Jim on a home visit where he met my mom’s dog (and his future sister) Ali Bama.  Because he’s a nervous little guy, Lisa also brought Thyme the fearless pug and she helped ease him into the meeting.  After a few hours it was clear they would get a long and I was able to adopt Jim right then and he has been with me ever since. We spent the first 4 months living in PA with my parents where Jim could run around their 7.5 acres of land, play in the snow and steal toys from his sister.

In June, Jim and I packed up and headed to Spain.  Jim started his own Instagram  (@seejimgo) to share his travels with all his friends back home.  Being a nervous little guy I wasn’t sure how it would go but he transitioned like a champ. Since then he has become quite the city dog, learning how to navigate the streets of Santiago de Compostela’s old town with ease and confidence.  He has made friends at the nearby park where dogs can explore and play off leash right in the middle of the city.  He’s gone hiking in beautiful national parks, run along white sand beaches and explored centuries old monasteries.

His favorite things to do are: to go for walks, steal balls from other dogs especially the big ones (the bigger the better), cuddle up under the blankets with his human BFF, eat food he finds on the street and going to the beach.  He absolutely loves the beach.  It’s literally his favorite place on earth.  He has come a long way with trusting people and meeting new ones.  He is still a timid little guy but even a few of my male co-workers have been able to win over his affections.  He is quite the handsome fellow and gets a lot of attention on the street.  He also can be quite stubborn and I like to say he is an old man trapped in a tiny dog body most of the time.  He has a facial expression to prove it and uses it when he is unamused by life or the crazy things we get up to.

Thank you ATT!  I can’t imagine life without this tiny goober!!!!

Gale Sherry