Kate Spayed

Hi! My Name Is Kate Spayed

We're happy to tell you that Kate Spayed has a new furever home.
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Our family has a senior Shih Tzu named Cody and our daughter had been sending us pictures of dogs for adoption every chance she got.  So, one day she sends a link to ATTT.  I opened it and found the picture of Kate Spayed.  A 9 year old female black and white Shih Tzu who had been a breeder in a puppy mill.

Her picture was so striking as she resembled our previous female Shih Tzu, named Katie (Cody’s older sister) who had passed a few years ago.  It was fate.  I knew she belonged to us and after filling out the application things moved quickly!  I spoke with Kate Spayed’s foster mom, Lisa.  I was told about her past life in the mill and that she had some health issue as well as some anxiety towards men.  Despite all that I was sure that we could be Kate’s forever home if she wanted us to be.

On the day of Kate’s home visit my son and I were home to meet Kate Spayed and Lisa.  We took Kate into our house to meet Cody and she walked over to sniff him, wagged her tail and promptly found his bed and curled up for the remainder of the visit! She already felt at home! That was back in August of 2018.  On Labor Day weekend Kate was officially a member of our family.  She had a serious skin infection that after took a few months to clear up but now she is doing fine.  She took to house training fast. Kate still has times when she is scared easily and she is still cautious of the men in our house but she is making great strides to overcome her fears.

Kate now lives a life of luxury in a house that is warm, caring, patient and a large yard to explore.  She also likes going to the groomers and having her hair done!  But her most favorite thing is to take walks through the neighborhood and hanging out with her family.

Thank you ATTT for finding Kate Spayed and bringing her into our life.


Molly Pells and Family