Katie Did

Hi! My Name Is Katie Did

We're happy to tell you that Katie Did has a new furever home.
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Meet Miss Katie!
She is a  Morkie, born July 2014, who loves treats and a good stroll in the yard. She's potty trained and does not need to be crated. So far Katie isn't much of a lap dog and hasn't warmed up to the idea of hanging out on the furniture, despite being invited to join her foster parents on the couch. She is perfectly content hanging out in her dog bed and laying in the sun. Katie doesn't seem to like being picked up, although she'll tolerate it for short periods of time. 
Katie has responded well to introductions with other dogs her size. She tolerates larger dogs if they give her space. She met a cat while with us and was very curious but didn't chase it. Katie seems to also like children. She's drawn to kids when she hears them playing, but doesn't like loud noises, so any kids will have to be careful not to scare her or overwhelm her with attention. 

Katie is not fond of traveling in the car. We suspect that she wasn't exposed to much in her last home, so she may warm up with some training, but right now it really stresses her out. She does well with meeting new people. Katie alert barks when she hears cars in the driveway, or a sound that she thinks is not "normal", but isn't a big barker otherwise. She does whine when we're eating and she thinks that people's food should be Katie's food. Katie knows sit, has a great recall and walks ok on leash. She really likes to sniff around and pee on everything she can on our walks/hikes. Overall, Katie is a wonderfully sweet, calm, well behaved dog that is a great companion (but not a snuggler!)

You can apply to adopt Katie at https://www.atailtotell.com/adopt/