Hi! My Name Is Lizzy

We're happy to tell you that Lizzy has a new furever home.
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Lizzy is a precious Poodle-mix, born 7/31/21.  She is a petite girl and weighs about 8 pounds. She is gentle, friendly, and loving, but timid when first introduced. Because of her limited experience with people, she is a little shy and can be skittish when she meets a human. Her tail wags and you can see that she really wants to trust people. Once you have earned her trust, she is extremely affectionate and becomes your shadow. Lizzy is much more trusting of other dogs than people and she seems to really enjoy being part of the pack in her foster home. She loves dogs of all sizes and I believe she would do very well with cats too. She is very happy and very smart and eager to please you.  In a very short time Lizzy learned to walk on a leash and she gets excited and becomes very animated exploring her surroundings outdoors. She also learned very quickly to climb onto the furniture, curl up in a dog bed, take a treat from your hand, chew a bone, play with the other dogs, and basically fit right in to the day-to-day routine in her foster home. She has not been in foster care long enough to have many car rides, but she seemed to really enjoy the few trips she has taken in the car. At night she sleeps in a crate in her foster parents’ bedroom and she is very quiet until they get her out in the morning.  Lizzy is content to hang out in her crate when her foster parents are away and has even elected to go in her crate to sleep on occasion when they are home. She is pretty social though, and usually prefers to share a bed with the other dogs in her foster home.  

Lizzy is recovering from a traumatic experience giving birth to puppies. She delivered four puppies, but a fifth puppy became lodged in the birth canal and died. Lizzy became critically ill and was in danger of her uterus rupturing. Following surgery to remove the puppy, she spent two weeks recovering in the hospital before she was free from infection and had healed enough to go into a foster home. After her surgery Lizzy was unable to urinate on her own and needed to have her bladder expressed. That situation has now remedied itself, but Lizzy still urinates frequently, which has prevented her from being fully house trained. In her foster home she wears a little diaper with a panty liner in it.  She goes potty when outside and on her walks and she will also use a puppy pad in the house. Her doctors feel that the frequency incontinence Lizzy is experiencing will remedy itself. She has shown tremendous improvement in the short time she has been in her foster home.  Anyone interested in adopting her must be aware that she is still healing and, while the veterinarian is hopeful that the frequency incontinence is temporary, Lizzy may continue to struggle with tiny bladder issues.

Lizzy would like nothing more than a family of her own to love her and pamper her and she is so deserving. She is a happy little girl who loves snuggling, being petted, and having her belly rubbed and she would make a great addition to any home.  Apply to adopt Lizzy at