Hi! My Name Is Missy

We're happy to tell you that Missy has a new furever home.
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Sweet, beautiful Missy-Girl joined our family as a foster on July 14, 2020, on my husband’s birthday. Her dear mommy, Linda, had died in December of 2019. Missy was placed in a foster home for 6 months until the foster reached out to us and asked if we would like to take over her care. We had recently lost 2 of our beloved dogs, Hobbie and Alfie and we were heartbroken. A few months later, we received the call about Missy, and we were delighted at the opportunity to offer her a loving and forever home. We knew that our Alfie and Hobbie would have wanted that for us.

From the first day, Missy was accepted and loved by our dogs, by us, by our friends and by our family and neighbors. Missy is playful. She is loving. She is such a dear. Her precious eyes are the path to her soul. She is totally precious. We love her to life!

Missy was welcomed to A Tail to Tell in 2013 at the age of about 5. She had suffered medically and emotionally. Her mama, Linda, nursed her back, and made her “whole” again. She is about 13 years old (2021).

We are proud to say that she officially joined our family December 29, 2020. Welcome Missy, “Mistletoe” Neff.

Thank you to our founder Cindy and every person who has helped her on her journey to us.