Hi! My Name Is Nikki

We're happy to tell you that Nikki has a new furever home.
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Nikki was rescued from a rabbit hutch on 12/16/06. She spent the first 5 years of her life living in confined quarters; living outdoors in the elements. The only time Nikki was taken from the hutch was when she was forced to mate with another dog or nurse. The first moment we saw her, we knew she was going to join our pack.

When she was rescued, she was a nursing dog. She was selfless girl and protected the young innocent puppy of another breed.

Six days later, 12/22/06, after being spayed and medically cared for, she was adopted by us. She was scared in the beginning, but adjusted well. We had some challenges in the beginning – she was fearful and still is of very loud noises. And she would have fits late at night and start crying out.

But now, Nikki is a happy gal. She loves long morning walks, running in the yard and playing with all her toys. She is incredibly independent. She does enjoy settling down in the evening on “her recliner” and watching TV, or lounging on the family room floor.

She is a very spunky dog that brings us joy on a daily basis. We are deeply grateful to A Tail to Tell and other rescue organizations for saving her life. By the way, she appears on a billboard at the Pancake Farm in Ephrata promoting rescue and adoption.

– Steve and Dena Neff