Hi! My Name Is Selene

We're happy to tell you that Selene has a new furever home.
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Lilibet, formerly known as Selene, came to our family on April 30th, 2022. We had been fostering dogs for a while, at that time, and had a few poodles/poodle-mixes come through our home that we had absolutely fallen in love with. So, we felt it was time to add one to our home permanently. We feel very blessed to have been chosen by A Tail to Tell to adopt Lily. Immediately we fell in love with her, and knew we could provide the best possible home for her with her special needs (unfortunately needing to have half of her teeth pulled, and missing part of her lower jaw due to a birth defect). 

Lily was very timid, at first, as most newly rescued pups are. But she quickly warmed up, as I was sure to spend a lot of time with her one-on-one for the first few days doing some light training exercises and playing with a snuffle mat to help build her confidence and trust. She also really started coming out of her shell with help from our very outgoing foster chihuahua, at the time. Though our larger golden retriever and cattle dog mix took a bit longer for her to warm up to, she quickly did and now she loves to run circles around them trying to get them to play with her!

Nowadays, Lily spends her days playing with us and our dogs, hanging out in her favorite spot on the couch and sleeping next to me and our cats on the bed while I watch TV in the evenings. She is always sure to let me know when she wants attention by grabbing a toy and following me around, side-eyeing me, until I sit down and pet her. She has grown into a very confident and sassy little princess, and is the most perfect little dog we could ever imagine!

Her favorite things in the world are definitely hanging out with me on the bed in the evenings, her pink lamby toy, belly rubs and breakfast/dinner time.

She is such a silly and special dog! We absolutely adore her in every way. Thank you, A Tail to Tell!

- The Hartman/Becker Family