Poppy Seed

Hi! My Name Is Poppy Seed

We're happy to tell you that Poppy Seed has a new furever home.
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Poppy Seed is a female Yorkshire Terrier, who was born on 6/1/2012.  For most of her life, Poppy was used for breeding.  Her lack of a nurturing upbringing has impacted her significantly.  She never learned the joys of being a dog.  Poppy is looking  for a special adopter; one who has the patience, time, and love to continue to teach her about the world around her.  Poppy does not currently walk on a leash, as they scare her.  She shakes and refuses to move.  As a result, Poppy will require a home with a fenced-in yard.  Poppy is slowly getting accustomed to grass.  On her own time table, she will walk several feet to her foster mom.  Poppy lives peacefully with five other dogs.  She has recently learned to play with one of them, though she has yet to initiate the interaction.  Poppy is not interested in toys, but hopefully some day she will grow to enjoy them.  Poppy has learned to take treats and will now excitedly seek them out.  She has learned that human affection is a nice thing, but only on her terms.  She doesn't quite trust being held or cuddled, but she does love belly rubs.  She has learned that blankets, couches, and beds are more comfortable than hard surfaces.  Poppy is a sweet, gentle soul without a mean bone in her body.  Poppy deserves to spend her senior years being pampered.  Although her future milestones might be small, they will certainly be monumental.  Would you like to help her take the next steps in her journey?  If so, please visit atailtotell.com and fill out an adoption application.  https://www.atailtotell.com/adopt/