Hi! My Name Is Preddy

We're happy to tell you that Preddy has a new furever home.
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Oct 19th 2019 changed everything.  That was the day Ed and Stephanie bravely let Preddy/aka Penny/now Petey come home with us. They clearly loved her, and we are forever grateful for the foster system that allowed us to find our Petey.  She was so shy at first, but with a heart that was clearly bigger than her tiny body, we had seemingly fallen in love with each other by that evening. Up until 10/19 we had been large dog people.  But our other girls (Noilly Pratt and Bette Davis), as most dogs are, were wiser than we were.  They clearly saw that while she was tiny, she was now one of the pack.  Petey is our second rescue, our grey ghost Bette was our first.  We knew that not all rescue adoptions go smoothly, and that there are a lot of adjustments to be made.  But we have been so lucky with both of ours.  Noilly feel in love with Bette in about 30 seconds, and they both took Petey under their wings (literally because she was so tiny) in about 24 hours.  On night 3 all five of us were sharing our too small double bed, and everything else in the house.  There is no piece of furniture too big for Petey to claim as her own.  But she didn’t seem to know what toys were, or how to play with them.  Bette took care of that.  And now routinely Petey rounds up even the largest of the other girls possessions as her own. Petey divides her time evenly with her new giant sisters and allows them to take turns napping with her.  My husband also holds a Nap Club meeting at 1:00 each day, and I often find all the members in one pile on the sofa where it is hard to tell where one dog begins and the other ends. Petey is still shy with other people, but the way she has embraced all of us touches my heart every moment of every day.  She is fearless, loving, funny and very dramatic.  She runs around our fenced in yard faster than we can believe.  She dances like a ballerina when it is dinner time.  And in the midst of our strange times she is most definitely our chief morale officer.  So we just can’t thank everyone involved in bringing Petey to us enough.  We just all love her dearly and she makes us laugh every day with her antics.  And her sisters love her as much as we do.  So thanks again for our truly Happy Tail. John, Melinda, Noilly & Bette Blanchfield