Hi! My Name Is Radar

We're happy to tell you that Radar has a new furever home.
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Hi! My name is Radar. I am an Australian Shepherd weighing in at 52 pounds! I was born January 12, 2019.
You would think by my name that I have extra sensory perception. Well, I guess I do. I’m deaf and partially blind and I see the world a little differently.
I am my Mom’s honey boy. I love giving her kisses and love when she gives them back. We snuggle all the time. I’m a lap dog, too!
I love to run, run, run.  I live to play with my ball. Fetch is AWESOME, but sometimes I like to keep it for myself, so I might not give it back right away!
I need to meet new people on my terms. I’m a pretty good judge of character, but I’ve been known to herd people out the door or nip to get their attention.
I walk well on a slip lead and love meeting new doggie friends.
I have a brother, too. He doesn’t like to run and play as much as me.
I know many hand and touch signals.
I have been crate trained, but Mom doesn’t use them anymore. I’m a very good boy when she leaves the house.
Cats are OK, but I could live without them. I don’t see so well, so I get whacked.....and  I have been known to chase those varmints!
My Mom loves me  but we had to move.  The move was tough. Mom started to put up a fence, like we were told we could do, but was told to take it down. Now I have no place to run and play. I try to tell Mom I want to go out and play. I take my ball and got to the door and cry.......and then Mom cries.
My Mom is heartbroken, but I know she wants what’s best for me.
Since I don’t see so well, my new home should be with older children. I can be a bit rambunctious.
***A fenced in yard is required to adopt Radar.
To apply:  https://www.atailtotell.com/adopt/