Hi! My Name Is Sparkles

We're happy to tell you that Sparkles has a new furever home.
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I had been looking for a dog for a while before I stumbled across Karmel.  I had even put in adoption papers for another dog at another rescue, but it unfortunately fell through. I was discouraged, but continued to search for a cutie. I came across A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue and began looking at the dogs they had available for adoption!   I finally found one that my father seemed to love...Karmel!  My father and I adopted Karmel (previously known as Sparkles) on March 17, 2018. Little did I know that all the struggles in adopting a dog, before finding Karmel, were a blessing in disguise! The first day that we met her she was very shy but also very gentle. In the first few weeks of having her home she wouldn't approach anyone to be petted, resorting to her cage for comfort. Within the first month her personality began to shine! from excitement for walks to zoomies when it was food time. We also noticed her love of sleeping next to her dad during the night and through most of the morning. Potty training is coming along and she's doing better every day She has come out of her shell and wags her tail when someone comes home. She has also become comfortable with jumping up on the bed or couch for a nice nap time! She has yet to play with toys but really shows an interest when another dog is around her playing. I was surprised to see that she is VERY jealous when another dog is around and we are petting them. She'll come up to us and shove her nose in our hand.  LOL – We are her people. I can’t thank A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue enough for our sweet angel that has brought us both happiness and closer as a family. The Faloon Family