Hi! My Name Is Xero

We're happy to tell you that Xero has a new furever home.
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Our family wanted to adopt a dog for a long time, but with the kids’ activities requiring us to be away from home a lot, it was never the right time. The need to travel stopped when my daughter went off to college and my son developed a chronic illness. For several months, my son had been searching online and had gone to some local adoption events. When he saw Xero’s bio and photo on Petfinder, he called the whole family in to see it. He just knew in his heart that Xero needed to be part of our family -- and we did too! When our adoption application was approved, we couldn't wait to meet him! 

Xero was almost 3 years old when he joined our family on May 23, 2020. He instantly took to my son, rolling over to get belly rubs. Xero took a little time to warm up to his new surroundings and our schedules, but after a couple of weeks of adjustment, he settled into a routine. We knew Xero had a history of seizures. He has only had one episode since we’ve had him. He’s on medication for epilepsy and is a champ at taking his meds! 

Xero is the sweetest, most loving dog who loves to play, nap and get belly rubs. Having the entire family at home due to the pandemic, Xero gets a lot of attention. He “herds” us by poking our legs with his nose and directing us to be in the same room to play with him or snuggle. Xero is really good at finding stray dryer balls or plush slippers that he will proudly claim as his own. He will scale the tops of the couches or climb on top of the desk so he can get a better view out the window. He’s a great watchdog! 

After Xero comes back from his walk or finishes a meal, he runs to everyone in the house to get praise. He lets my husband know when it’s nap time so they can snuggle together on the couch. Xero supervises while I make dinner. He’ll grab his favorite toy and take it to my son for playtime. When the kids are doing online classes in their rooms, Xero will lay amongst the stuffed animals and wait for them to be done. 

Xero enjoys a gullet treat before bedtime -- and is sure to remind us if we forget! If we’re late getting him his treat, Xero will bring the bag of treats to us! With everyone’s varied schedules, we all go to bed at different times. Xero will wait up until the last person comes upstairs, then sniffs at each door to be sure everyone is there before he retires to my son’s room to sleep for the night.

From the moment we met Xero, he has been an endless source of love, companionship, and utter joy! We didn’t realize that anything was missing in our lives until Xero joined our family. He came to us at a time when we needed HIM the most!

Eternally Grateful and Wagging Our Tails, 

Patty, John, Katie and Kyle