Yoko Bono

Hi! My Name Is Yoko Bono

We're happy to tell you that Yoko Bono has a new furever home.
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“Yoko Bone-oh” – Female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ~ DOB 12/25/16 ~ 15lbs

Yoko came to the rescue as a breeder after reportedly having many litters.  She has since been spayed, vaccinated, and vetted and has learned how great life off the farm can be! 

Yoko entered foster care timidly, not seeming to understand the potential to be loved and cared for.  She has been very willing to learn and allows herself to be good at what her breed is famous for: naps and companionship. 

Yoko is very submissive in nature but not overly backwards. She is curious and likes to be part of the activities but will flatten to the ground with a waggy tail between her legs when she is approached by new humans. She likes pets and waddle scratches, is easy to handle and has never shown aggression in any way. She will bond with her primary caregiver and likes to be in line of sight, if not beside them at all times. 

Yoko has had excellent interactions with all dogs she has been exposed to and isn’t intimidated around larger dogs. She is very excited to meet new friends and will approach them directly without fear. Once in contact her submissiveness allows for positive and appropriate introductions and immediate play.  

We’ve been working on getting her to sit consistently. She likes treats, but doesn’t always connect treats with desired behaviors. But, once she’s more settled, we believe she will learn. She has excellent potty manners and will readily go outside and get busy, quickly.  She doesn’t have much of a “I need to go”- tell, but is fine if provided the opportunity at normal intervals. Right now she’s out 2x before noon, 1x in the afternoon, 1x in the evening, and then once before bed. She would be fine with less.  

Yoko walks very well on a leash and will not pull.  She stops often to sniff. She enjoys her walks and has done up to 2 miles, but would be fine with a simple stroll around the block. Mostly, she just wants to get outside to sniff and to squint at the sun. She does not readily come when called, is easily distracted with smells, and has zero understanding of harmful things (cars, mean dogs, etc.) so she must be leashed at all times. 

She is mostly non-vocal but will whine when the primary caregiver leaves the house. She will only bark if excited to receive a treat or notices something really interesting outside. 

Yoko is happy to travel in the car. At night she is fine in a crate or limited to one room, but she would prefer to be with her humans. If left alone with opportunity she will jump and climb seeking paper or cardboard to shred and chew on. She will hoard her people’s socks, gloves, and hats if available.  

Yoko would probably do best in a somewhat quiet household with a fenced yard. Loud noises do not disturb her, but sudden movements can. We suspect she may be hard of hearing on the one side, so she’s often surprised by us if she’s sniffing and forgets we’re there. She is happiest laying beside her caregiver in the evenings and nearby them during the day. That said, she would likely succeed in any scenario including a household with older kids and other dogs especially if they are gentle.

*secure fenced in yard or puppy mill dog experience required.

To adopt Yoko, apply at https://www.atailtotell.com/adopt/